Brynjolfsson and Park Place Lead Porsche Cup

In his first attempt driver and sponsor Alan Brynjolfsson is posing as a major threat and contender for the coveted Porsche Cup. He currently leads the former champion by 134 points and shows no signs of slowing his roll.


What is this Porsche Cup Park Place Motorsports has been touting? The Porsche Cup is a prize offered by Porsche AG at the Night of Champions in December to non-factory drivers world-wide competing in a Porsche race car. The winner takes home a new Porsche, this year a brand spanking new Porsche 992, and a cash prize. Porsche hands out a total of 130,00 euro split among the top three contenders. This prestigious award was the brain child of Ferry Porsche and has been awarded every year since 1970.


It has been nearly two decades since an American took home the prize, the last American to do so was the infamous Kevin Buckler of The Racers Group in 2002. The opportunity to push one of its own to be memorialized with such status has fueled Park Place Motorsport since mid-season. The support for Brynjolfsson from by Porsche Motorsport North America has been immense as PMNA also takes pride in one of their own performing at the top against the numerous drivers behind the wheel of a Porsche in 2019.


Brynjolfsson is a new client to Park Place Motorsports this year as the team took its first steps in becoming a client program. This growth followed the hiring of Director of Race Operations Mike Johnson who brought Brynjolfsson under the Park Place banner and began reimagining the team into a much bigger force. From hiring practices to his strategy calls Johnson made Park Place Motorsport a contender in each facet of competition. He ensured Brynjolfsson had the best of the best in everything to undertake his year in IMSA MICHELIN Pilot Challenge, SRO Pirelli GT4 America Sprint and SRO Pirelli GT4 America SprintX East series.


“To be honest, I don’t take much credit at all,” Johnson said. “Alan has driven very well all year, and the team has continued to provide him with a car that is both fast and reliable. It has been difficult on the team and our families with such a busy schedule but if Alan can pull it off, it will all be worth it. We’re going to do everything we can in the next month.”


Not far behind Brynjolfsson in the Porsche Cup points standings is co-driver Trent Hindman. In 2014 with Porsche Hindman had won a championship in the newly renamed MICHELIN Pilot Challenge, his first and only. Now, reunited with the manufacturer through his work with Brynjolfsson he sits fourth in the Cup standings. Brynjolfsson edges Hindman out of the top spot through his tremendous effort in the GT4 America Sprint series. Hindman’s smooth but relentless attacks on-track have also been part of the team success that skyrocketed Brynjolfsson.


“Goal number one is to get Alan the overall Porsche Cup victory,” Hindman said. “I think that alone would be an incredible achievement for Alan and the entire Park Place Motorsports team. It’s been our first year together as a team in GT4 competition, with a brand-new Porsche 718 GT4, and I think it’s safe to say it’s been very successful season considering our wins and our consistency in running towards the front of the field. I feel Alan winning the Porsche Cup will be a great way to cap off what’s been a great year for us.”


While racing is very much a team sport Brynjolfsson’s own talent and determination plays a big part in his success. In Race Two at Road America with SprintX East competition Brynjolfsson was given the duties of finishing driver and took the job with seriousness. In the rain, Brynjolfsson drove from third to first to save the weekend with a victory after having his day cut short in Race One. These acts of brilliance showed throughout each race series and were most often met with podium success scoring three podium finishes in IMSA along with


“It has been an incredible season and leading the Porsche Cup standings going into the final events is an amazing feeling,” Brynjolfsson said. “I’m beaming with pride to even be in contention with such accomplished drivers from around the world. I feel like I am at the pinnacle of my short career. I started racing late in life just three years ago, in a Porsche, and I never even dreamed of being in this position. The season is not over and we still have focus on our remaining races, so the intensity is going to be ratcheted up. I would not be here without my co-driver Trent Hindman and the guys at Park Place Motorsports. I am very thankful.”


Brynjolfsson goes toe to toe with two-time champion Christian Ried of Dempsey Proton Racing and Egidio Perfetti of Team Project 1, Team Principal Patrick Lindsey’s teammate from his FIA World Endurance Championship effort. While Brynjolfsson currently is scheduled to compete in more races than Ried and Perfetti, the European series each competitor runs can offer up more points if the drivers should perform well. Only time will tell how these battles will play out but one thing is for sure, it will be a race to the finish. 


“Our entire effort through December is going to have a major focus on helping Alan win the Porsche Cup,” Lindsey said. “It’s a huge accomplishment for Alan but also a huge accomplishment for us as a team to have our name alongside his on the long list of champions. This is our first year having a customer program and having it be noted as the if not one of the most successful programs for Porsche would be an amazing honor. I’m pulling for Alan and I hope to see him take home a new 992 in December.”

Park Place Motorsports